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My First Post :)

Hey guys :)
I'm v. excited for this new community :)
You know.. I've been talking about getting healthy all year.. but I don't know if I truly was ready for the step.. and it is a big step.. I mean all of us are committing to change our lifestyles forever.. of course we'll have a piece of cake here and there.. or that glass (or two) of red wine.. but we will all learn to deal with those obstacles as they come.
I know what works for me and what doesn't.. I lost a lot of weight at one time and kept it off for quite a while but gained it all back when i was told to stop exercising by my physician after a surgery.. after that summer I lived w/ new roommates who partied, ate pizza, and watched television.. whereas my old roomies ran marathons, did dragon boat racing and spent their time volunteering with kids with cancer. I now live back with my parents and let me tell you.. it isn't easy..
I'm not sure if I want to weigh myself.. I know that I should.. shouldn't I? But to tell you the truth.. I'm afraid.. I really am. I know that I will be very hard on myself when I see that number.. even though I know that can change.. and even though I know that number doesn't make who I am as a person.
But it's the truth.. it's the way that I am.. so I'm still thinking about it.. I'll have to make a decision by morning.. I vow to only weigh myself in my birthday suit after every shower in the morning... but goddamn I'm afraid..
I think the past couple of weeks have made me realize how precious my life is.. and how I owe it to myself to bless it with what I can.. why shouldn't I treat my body right? Why shouldnt I try to increase my muscle.. challenge myself.. increase my confidence.. fit into my old clothing in the back of my closet...
there is no excuse..
not anymore.
I don't know if you all want a breakdown of my dieting past or not.. I was never really concerned about my weight per-se until my freshman year of university.. it was downhill from there... and I went on a v. bad diet twice with my mother which has messed my metabolism right up (and made me lose chunks of hair..)...
it scared me far too much.. so yeah.. healthy lifestyle.. I need to lose it the way that I did three years ago.. I am aware that it will take A LOT of work.. but I'm ready now :\
A big obstacle that I was having was finding the time to do things.. there is no excuse.. i know.. that is why I vow to pre-plan my meals before bedtime.. in fact.. I hope to do it a week ahead of time at one point.. maybe on the weekend I can construct this.. but for now.. it will be at night. I've planned my meals for tomorrow.. minus dinner.. My mother is doing this with me as well..
I am increasing my intake of vegetables.. I'm going to add my fruits later.. I want to 'clean eat'. you know.. natural foods etc. and I'm going to slowly increase my intake of calories as time goes on.. and as my metabolic rate speeds up.. a huge obstacle is alcohol.. I love going out and having drinks w. my friends.. going out dancing etc. Im going to try to limit that.. I'm going to keep away from that for the next three weeks and see the change it does to my body.. instead.. I will increase my water intake :) I will try to limit my morning coffees and try to substitute with green or peppermint teas.. although I dont promise to cut coffee out altogether (let's be real.. some mornings we just NEED it..!!!).
I have a membership at Goodlife.. so I'll have to preplan my workouts.. and I will not feel intimidated by the weights.. If i'm at a new machine.. i will ASK how to use it..
we were all beginners once...
I am not the superstar I once was... and frankly.. I forget my own secrets..
man.. to think I used to HELP people plan nutrition and fitness regimens!
Anyway.. good luck to you.
I hope that you are just as excited to pamper your insides as I am :) The benefit - energy and SEXINESS, FOO! ;)
It will be difficult.. but it takes determination.. just think about your self worth when it comes to obstacles..
I'm routing for you.
- A.
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i hope so..
and ive decided to weigh myself.. even though i am scared to death.......................


Oh man, I wouldn't weigh myself. I know that if I did, I would go deep into a depression:) It's happened. The main goal is getting healthy, and then when we look at numbers our minds get a little thrown off. The best to you:)
that is what i am afraid of.. i know that i will get upset and discouraged..
it wouldnt be a kick in the pants to try harder.. it would set me back.. thats the way that i am.
it's like when i was in university.. if i had a lot of homework id get overwhelmed and slack off in denial until 3hrs before each paper was due..
what about finding someone you trust (like mom), and having her look at the numbers when you weigh yourself? she can keep track of your progress each week and say "you're down a pound", "down another 2 pounds", etc. that way you're not stuck on your weight #, but you'll know if you're losing...
that is a GREAT idea.. but my parents are usually the ones putting me down about my weight..
i had an episode about it tonight actually :\
ugh, i hear ya. my mom and i always fight about my weight... a few christmases ago, we had a screaming match where she told me that i hate myself and that's why i was getting heavier (i was like, what???)... it's hard because i see her twice a year, so any weight gain/loss is more noticeable... in that same visit, she said that she thought i'd gained 60 pounds in the last year. i'd only gained 10. so parents can suck like that sometimes.

if the 'rents can't help, enlist a friend. it'll help you to stay on track, too, since you'll be held accountable to someone other than yourself. (i think it's one of the reasons weight watchers works so well.)
Don't weigh yourself? I don't thinik it's necessary. You can guage your progress in the gym as you progress with weights. Feeling

You know as well as I that the number you see on the scale lies. You may as well pull a number out of the sky. Subsequent times it's equally fictional. You can gain waiter, lose fat and gain muscle and weight more yet feel better and moved TOWARDS your goal, but the number on the scale would tell you otherwise.

Even when you've achieved your goals, why bother weighing in? You know your clothes fit looser, you know your muscles look bigger and more defined. Lots of ways to guage progress. Toss the scale and avoid weighing in. You'll save yourself the torture :o)